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Moringa Australia is situated in North Queensland. Our farm & product branding is ‘MORINGA FARM AUSTRALIA’     ** NOBODY ELSE has any Australian Grown & Developed Moringa Oliefera products except ourselves & our Approved List of Agents / Distributors / Practitioners


** WE ARE THE FIRST & ONLY FARMERS IN AUSTRALIA GROWING & DEVELOPING A LARGE RANGE OF MORINGA IN VARIOUS FORMATS OF RAW MATERIAL ** AUSTRALIAN Moringa (Grown-Made-Certificated) have an International and National reputation as being AUTHENTIC, POTENT and GREEN because of our very high standards in the growing and offering of Australian MORINGA

STOP PRESS - IMPORTANT -------------------------------

Australia wide, Moringa is still classified as a "Novel Food" & not as ‘Normal Food’, therefore Moringa products cannot be "sold as" a human "nutritional supplement" or "food" by anyone or any shop. The authorities are moving on this.

However, There are no restrictions whatsoever in the using or uses of Moringa.

Accordingly, WE DO NOT SELL our Moringa as a human 'food' or ‘Nutritional supplements’ but will only sell you 1) non human nutritional food items, and, 2) the various forms of Moringa you instruct us to produce for you. (made to order)

Page 16 of the 2010 Australian Department of agriculture, fisheries & forestry report on Moringa, states that, because of its richness in nutrients, it can, and is, being variedly used - as forage & nutritious food for poultry to cattle (animals), medicinal treatments for vast ranges of ailments, cleaning agents, powerful antibiotic, antibacterial & antifungal medicines, flocculants, fertiliser, green manure, vegetables, anti pesticides, textile resins, biofuel production, etc, etc, etc

Above results come from raw material of the plant roots, stems, branches, leaves, seeds, & its flowers, all because of its super-richness in a vast range of nutrients & capabilities.

Moringa's rich & diverse resources being developed in Australia for Australians is deserving, & continuing. Australia's current & existing needs for Moringa supply has to be met.


Being the ONLY Moringa Farmers in Australia, & also with GMP Processing Facilities, we can continue supplying Moringa, especially in whatever forms of Moringa raw material a customer demands, for whatever reason they need it for. (made to order)

How to obtain Moringa from Moringa Farm Australia -

1 Purchase our harvested trees to ‘process’ it yourselves

2 OR Bring your own trees & instruct us to process them (made to order)

3 OR Purchase our harvested trees WITH AN INSTRUCTION to process your trees (made to order)

These "on demand, made to order, raw materials" are in customer required forms of Moringa & come without any recommended uses.

(Our specialised processing is, to shred, desiccate, slice, or mill & fill in air-conditioning with temperature controlled drying where appropriate)

Our extremely important ‘Cold Chaining’ continues to ensure raw materials to be highly potent, no matter what uses they are meant for. Even our foliar spray fertiliser needs 'cold chaining'. Separately, we continue to strive to achieve TGA listings for appropriate products.

Please treat all our website information regarding human benefits from Moringa only as general information, & not as any recommendations. Thank you for your co-operation.

END OF ANNOUNCEMENT ----------------------------------------------------

Our branding is -- Moringa Farm Australia

Our Processing Plant takes orders; & our various services, products, & Prices (GST incl) are --

1) Moringa TREES - harvested to order only, no recommended use ($ quote)

2a) CAPSULED Moringa Powder as Anti Inflammatories for PETS, ANIMALS $60

2b) CAPSULED Moringa Powder - made to order only, no recommended use $65

3a) Moringa POWDER as POULTRY Nutrients $50

3b) Moringa POWDER as Soil FERTILISER $48

3c) Moringa POWDER - made to order only, no recommended use $53

4a) Moringa Dried LEAVES - made to order only, no recommended use $18 to $99

5a) Moringa OIL for SKIN & HAIR Care (& for Cosmetics) $60 to $232

6a) SHREDDED Moringa for DOGS & Animal Care $27 to $95

7a) Moringa PELLETS for POULTRY Growth $80

8a) Moringa STRIPS for Farm Animals - PIGS, GOATS etc $80

9a) Moringa EXTRACTION for FOLIA SPRAY Fertilisers 100ml to 200ml (soon)

10a) Moringa TINCTURES as Topical REMEDIES 55ml to 200ml (soon)

11a) Moringa Fresh LEAVES - harvested to order only, no recommended use ($ quote)

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  Email  – (24 hours) or FREECALL 1800 140 826 or 07 40 551888 Monday to Friday, 9 to 4 only


Beware ALL imported or shipped in Moringa – intentionally without preservatives; suffer prolonged and undesirable temperature changes on ships and storage queues that will always reduce nutrient levels & the quality of whats left behind.

* Irradiation ( Bad ? Click here ) also occurs at Customs, Quarantine, and entry points in Australia.  Remember, these are RAW products with large measures of delicate nutrients & enzymes that could be chemically changed.